Curriculum vitae

Paul Steenhauer

1944Born in Leiden, The Netherlands
1964 - 66Attended College of Visual arts, The Hague, The Netherlands
1969Awarded ’Karel Klinkenberg Foundation’ prize
1969Awarded ’Jacob Maris Foundation’ prize
1972Commissioned for mural painting National Telephone Service building, Amersfoort
1973Awarded grant from the Ministry of Cultural affairs
1979Commissioned for mural painting Local Hospital, The Hague
2009Commissioned for private triptych, London

Since 1966 my work has been featured in many exhibitions in galleries and museums. My paintings can be found in various public, municipal and national institutions as well as companies and private collections in Europe, Australia and the United States.

Short stories and poems have been published in national literary journals both in The Netherlands and in Belgium.

Articles have featured in books, journals, newspapers and catalogs.

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